So last night I was going through all of my poems that I have written over the years, and I came across some other writings that I had almost forgotten about. I will get to that in a minute.

It took me a while to go through all of the poems as I had close to 150. What saddens me though is that I couldn’t find one of them. I had a list that I made and then continued to add to that list as I wrote a new poem. I had typed most of the poems (some of them were even on old typing paper using a typewriter). So, as I was going through all of the pages and journals that I had, checking off the poems, I couldn’t find one of my earlier poems. I think the total came to 143 (minus the poem I couldn’t find). However, I did come across another poem that I did not have on the list, so the total is back up to 143. It was the last poem I wrote…around 2005. I haven’t said this in years, but I used to say that some day I would like to write a book of poetry. I would just compile all the poems, put them in an order, and try to make a decent manuscript of poetry. I think I am more tempted and getting more motivated to do that now that I have my poetry. I might even be able to make a couple of books. I’ll see how it goes.

I’ll come back to the other writings I came across. In one of my theatre classes while finishing my undergraduate program, we had to keep a journal. In that journal I also wrote some poems and few other things during the semester. After the semester ended, I decided to keep going with the journal and continued writing poems and other thoughts and ideas. Well I came across those and there was also actually a couple of items that could possibly make short stories as well. I mean, I’ve written some short screenplays so why not some short stories.

I guess the point to all of this was that if you’re a writer, hold on to what you write. It could be cause for something else in the future. Unless, of course, it is just plain awful and a disgrace to the literary world to have it out there, then by all means discard it like yesterday’s trash. But if it has some potential, even a kernel of literary goodness, then keep it…file it away, put it within reach, because you never know where that next literary spark will come from.

Happy writing!

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