Terminator 5?

It seems that someone is interested in directing a new Terminator film.

According to this article, it is unclear if this is another sequel or a reboot. If it’s a reboot, it might be hard to top Cameron’s original two films. However, I heard that Arnold might be on board to have a role in the film. I guess if it’s written well and this director does a decent job, it might be a decent reboot of the franchise. This director has come from directing “Game of Thrones” to directing the anticipated Marvel film sequel of “Thor.” We’ll see how he does. I haven’t seen the “Game of Thrones” but I am in anticipation of “Thor 2.”

I don’t think this franchise needs another sequel though. I thought the last two attempts were unnecessary and didn’t really move the story forward or add anything new to the story. Those are my opinions anyway. Perhaps there are others who have different thoughts and maybe are eager to see another Terminator film.

I will say this, there are successful reboots. And others, not so much. Some recent successful franchise reboots have been the Batman franchise with director Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale donning the cape and cowl, The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield slinging Spider-Man’s web. So, as I mentioned before, if it is written and directed well then it could be an interesting film….of course, the actors and acting have to make it believable and interesting.

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