New Year, New Commitment

Here we are about half way into the first day of this new year. It is a time – for some – for new beginnings….new hopes….new dreams….a new outlook on things….whatever it may be it also is a time to look back and reflect. Thinking about what has transpired over the last year and what might be look forward to in 2014.

Many people have made resolutions for the new year. I failed to do so. My resolutions never seem to stick so I found it unnecessary to resign to make resolutions that I may or may not keep. Instead, I am going to strive to make small attainable goals throughout the year and attempt to make those so my goals and needs will be easier to hopefully obtain.

For me, 2013 was a good year. It hasn’t been the best, but it’s been good. I mean I still have my health (may not be the best, but it is keeping me alive), I have my family, friends and acquaintances. I have been through ups and downs, as many have I suppose, but I’ve managed to keep going. And that I can be thankful for.

I have been married for a little over a year and a half now and celebrated the anniversary in San Antonio with the wife and kids last year, while we also attended the family reunion on my mom’s side. I saw many cousins and other relatives I haven’t seen in years. I was also able to meet my brother’s “twin.” That was interesting. In other news from 2013, my step-daughter was accepted into the army, after a tumultuous first year of college, and actually leaves in less than a week. My wife is sad to see her go now that her departure is getting that much closer. But we will cope and carry on. I completed a semester of college teaching where it had its ups and downs but I managed to get through it. The time just wasn’t right to be able to continue for the spring semester. Therefore, I decided to continue with my current job and search for other/additional work. I am currently working at a job that is somewhere in my background and that is print media. However, there are ups and downs and I still continue to search for more. And that leads me to my next thought.

My biggest concern I have for the new year is my financial and employment situation. Although I have been through several job changes over last year, I have found a steady job that has kind of kept me going but it does have its own ups and downs and it is only a part-time job. I am looking for something that I enjoy, that is something in my educational background or interests (like radio, theatre, film, writing/journalism), and something that I can be happy and provide for myself and my family. However, my current city of residence does not really provide for that. So I think that must change at some point. It’s just somewhat difficult right now to find something at the current time that meets those standards. The struggle will continue until I am able to make that change.

I have some leads out, and as I said, continue to search for more. I will accept what I have now. I will accept the fact that I CAN change…and hold on to the hope that it WILL change.

I don’t know what the future may hold, so all I can do is to do my best and keep going.

In the words of the Grateful Dead: “I will get by…I will survive.”