The article is about the riots that took place in Baltimore last night and will likely continue. What’s the point?

I understand people are angry, upset, or frustrated, but is that cause enough to burn, loot, and destroy?

It’s like the riots after the verdict in the Michael Brown case or the Eric Garner case. Protesting in such a violent way does not solve anything. All it does is it leaves a city in ruins and causes numerous injuries or unnecessary deaths.

During the St. Louis protests over Michael Brown, I saw one protestor on the news say something to the effect that sometimes you have to get attention and this is the only way to get attention. Seriously?!!

The work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished a lot in his time and he NEVER used violence. In fact, if peaceful marches or protests began getting violent, King would remove himself from the situation.

There is never a need to burn a business down just because of a disagreement. That person, or persons, should be held accountable, because all that happened was another life hurt by the destruction of his or her business.

The riots in Baltimore have caused not only physical damage but now have postponed baseball, America’s past time, yet again.

Everyone just needs to take a chill pill and chill out. There are many ways instead of violence to let your voices be heard and resolve differences.

That’s my take on the situation. I now return you to your regularly scheduled activities.

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