A Center of Controversy

In recent weeks, turmoil and controversy have once again reared its ugly head due to the Charleston shootings in South Carolina. It seems it is something else to put the fear and hatred in people and fuel a seemingly never ending cycle of hate and bigotry.

Conf. battle flag

Things have come so far as to removing “The Dukes of Hazzard” from television to petitioning to remove the flag from the capitol in South Carolina.

The current flag in controversy was the fourth flag the Confederate Army had under Robert E. Lee. When the Civil War began, a flag was made to represent Southern pride and tradition. As the war went on and slavery became an issue, although not the original reason the Southern states wanted to secede, the flag went on to symbolize the seceding states in addition to pride.

All one really has to do is read some history. From what I gather, that was the original intent for the flag. But only because someone began spouting off that it represented slavery and oppression did it become an issue. I believe what hurt the flag’s meaning was supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan used the battle flag as a symbol, and with other believing made the flag into a symbol of hate.

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We (the American people) need to not follow blindly into another person’s view simply because of the person’s persona or popularity. Do your own research and open your eyes to different things. Because I believe that if all of the haters and narrow-minded people out there would choose to see the flag as it was supposedly intended, then we all could get along that much easier. Then, there wouldn’t be a need for a division between hate and love. Everyone has their beliefs and ideas and everyone should learn to live and grow.

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As FDR said in 1932, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” If something, or someone, is different than us I don’t believe there is any reason to “fear” that person. It’s mostly because we don’t fully understand the other person. If all of those people against the Confederate Flag, could get past the hate and see it as something good then maybe we can all live in peace and harmony.