Greetings everyone. It has been a while since I have contributed to my blog. Lots of things happening, and for the better. But that may be for another time. There have been a few things in the news recently that I feel the need to comment on. These posts have always been just my thought and opinions, backed by other source material, on varying issues or topics. This post will be no different.

A couple of months ago I posted a blog about how we as Americans need to move on from the past, put our differences aside so we can move forward. A link to the post is here: Let’s Move On

Freedom of Religion

I will begin with Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis. She seems to have a following around her and many people apparently supporting her and praying for her. People seem to be “praising” her. You can read a story about it below.

Kim Davis Fiasco

Okay. I get that she “stood up” for what she “believes” in, but come on. I’m getting tired of people using the U. S. Constitution as a defense for so-called religious beliefs. The freedom of religion portion in the Constitution was designed to allow people to choose what religion to follow, or not follow. It also was to provide people the freedom to choose when and where to worship, or not worship. It was NOT designed to deny other people their civil rights and liberties by forcing one’s own beliefs on others.

Davis and her church may believe a marriage union should be between a man and a woman. A majority of Kentuckians may believe that too. But the Supreme Court made it a law. Now, some say the Court had no right to impose their ruling on a matter that is supposed to be state controlled. But in my opinion, the state got it wrong. Aren’t we supposed to have “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?” If that means the two men or two women want to get married to pursue their happiness, shouldn’t they be allowed to do so? I mean if someone doesn’t like it, or is bothered by it, or disgusted by it, don’t go to the wedding or ceremony. It’s not like the couple is getting married in YOUR backyard, church, or place of business. And it’s not like the couple is going around to every neighborhood and every house and flaunting their union in front of you. If they want to be happy, they should be happy.

As Americans, we should be able to do what we feel is best for our own personal well-being. That’s partly why the Constitution was drafted in the first place. Additionally, as Americans, we really don’t have the right to force our own opinions on others, because essentially, that’s what leads to judgment. And I believe that is what Davis did. She judged that couple and because of her beliefs, she decided they were not “fit” to get married.

I think I’ve said this before in another post or something somewhere, but it holds true here. If people would get their heads out of their asses and be more open to different things, then I think this world would be in a more happy state instead of the bickering, fighting, looting, etc. etc, that seems to be plaguing this world today. We (Americans) just need to be more tolerable to differences in the world, because that is what America is. It is essentially a nation of immigrants. We are all different – with different backgrounds, ethnic groups, religion, education, social upbringing – so let’s all just get along, shall we?

Gun Rights

The Second Amendment still seems to be in the front today. Gun right supporters, the NRA, and whoever else is close-minded enough to take the amendment as face value. I did a post on this some time ago, so I won’t go into great detail. I just want to reiterate a few things. You can find the link below.

Second Amendment

Again, the amendment was written during a time when the militia was a key player during war. How many are militia now? The Second Amendment does not specify what type of weapon a person may own.

It’s the idea that many people have that seem to think we all need military assault rifles to protect our homes and family. Now again, I am not against that. I believe we should be able to protect our homes and families. I just don’t think the average, every day citizen needs an AK-47 or M16 assault rifle to do that.

We need some common sense gun laws where guns can be more easily tracked to reduce black market deals and more comprehensive background checks to help identify the unstable people (mentally, socially, psychological, etc.) and give those people the help they need. Maybe ban certain types of weapons….wait a minute….I think laws like these were already tried and failed because dumb ass people want to protect their “gun rights.”


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